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Rizik International, LLC provides a range of consultancy services tailored to your organizations’ needs and targeted to your industry sector.

Specifically, we provide consulting services to suit your needs, including:

We have helped over 3500 business owners; C-level executives, partners and solo-preneurs achieve their goals and objectives. The role of a business consultant is to provide expert advice and current, relevant information. The role of a business coach is to help you try new things and motivate you to move beyond your comfort zone. We are the outside, independent push to get you moving confidently in the direction you want to go. We are here to create a safe place for brainstorming and problem solving, a place to get past self-imposed road blocks (like the “yes but” syndrome) and other challenges. A business consultant’s mission is to help you create strategies for success and determine smart action steps necessary to meet deadlines, record milestones and achieve objectives. The benefits of using business consulting and coaching services may include increased sales, new revenue streams and improved productivity. Benefits also include an opportunity to learn specific marketing and business skills to obtain bigger and better paying clients or customers and a way to broaden the vision you have for your business.

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners need financing help for start-up, opportunities for growth and planned expansion. We have helped the small business community with access to over $250,000,000 to start and grow their business. We help you determine feasibly, decide proper amounts of funds and determine precisely how those funds will be used. We help you to create a compelling story, based on market research and quantitative analysis, about why someone should invest in your business. We will review, create or edit your pitch deck, create financial statement projections, help you to create a new business plan or edit the one you have, and our check list will assist you in compiling all of the documents necessary to win a lender’s or investor’s approval. We help you to save time, increase your chances of success and improve the probability of meeting your financing goals. We help you create winning presentations which highlight your skills, experience and ability to repay.

When it comes to a successful business, all roads lead to the numbers. We have helped over 2500 small business owners improve their knowledge about the financial condition of their business. They now know the difference between a profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow! They now appreciate the importance of consistent evaluation of the information in financial reports and finally comprehend the story their numbers are telling them. Understanding “the financials” and the “numbers” helps you to make informed decisions about your business to achieve better results. We help you to get past the fear, gain confidence and finally make sense of those financial statements. We are especially good with individuals who are admittedly anxious and a bit embarrassed about not being fully aware of the financial condition of their company because they cannot read the financial statements. We also work well with individuals who have trouble understanding numbers due to a math phobia or other emotional issues tied to money and numbers.

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Before investing precious time, money and human resources into starting a new business, expanding the geographic location of your existing venture, or adding new services and products it’s important to make certain you are on the right track. A feasibility report is not an inclusive study of the anticipated business, project or idea–that is a business plan-but it is a snapshot preview and preliminary assessment. It will assist you in gauging whether or not the business model works or anticipated solutions to perceived problems are viable from a financial and organizational perspective. Feasibility analysis may help you to decide whether or not to move forward and develop a complete business plan. The purpose of feasibility analysis is to present parameters and define the potential solutions and possible outcomes of an important new opportunity. It is a method for brainstorming, obtaining team feedback, surveying new and existing customers to expand upon potential solutions or downsides. We help you to go from impossible to possible!

We have helped over 1000 small business owners develop research based marketing plans and realistic marketing budgets. We define marketing in its broadest sense as “communication” using a multi-channel approach including social media, promotional activities, Word of Mouth, marketing collateral, in person engagement, etc. We know for a small business to achieve its marketing goals it must focus its approach with laser like precision and implement action plans consistently and constantly. We help describe your existing client base and determine your primary, secondary and tertiary target market. We analyze industry and consumer trends so you can make better decisions about new products and services. We help you to better understand your competition-their strengths and weaknesses. We help you to create compelling sales presentations and marketing messages to better communicate your brand value, the benefits of your products and services, your mission and your purpose. We help you with the quantitative details of your sales goals by identifying and qualifying prospects. We even help you to create a target market focused elevator pitch. This all results in a bigger market share, increased revenue and maximum profit potential.


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